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Hong Kong ( Chinese : 香港 , Cantonese:  [hœ́ːŋ.kɔ̌ːŋ] ), officially the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China , is an autonomous territory on the eastern side of the Pearl River estuary in East Asia , south of the mainland Chinese province of Guangdong , and east of the special administrative region of Macau . With over 7.3 million Hongkongers of various nationalities [note 1] in a territory of 1,104 km 2 , Hong Kong is the fourth-most densely populated region in the world . Hong Kong was formerly a colony of the British Empire , after the perpetual cession of Hong Kong Island from Qing China at the conclusion of the First Opium War in 1842. The colony expanded to the Kowloon Peninsula in 1860 after the Second Opium War , and was further extended when Britain acquired a 99-year lease of the New Territories starting in 1898. The Empire of Japan attacked the city as part of a greater offensive against the Allied Powers at the start of th