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How do spacecraft navigate in space? When a spacecraft is launched from earth it requires a high degree of accuracy in the measurement of velocity, time, distance and direction so that spacecraft follow its trajectory. The great distances spacecraft had to travel called for even greater precision in timing and positioning than ever before. Space Navigation in detail(article) Underconstruction Video Credit to NASA, ESA, JPL & Communicating With Deep Space - How It Works | Video How far can Voyager 1 go before we lose contact? Voyager Journey to the Stars Light Speed Travel Deep Space Network: A Discussion on NASA's Vital Lifeline to Spacecraft How do we communicate with space? MAVEN: Targeting Mars New Horizons - Summiting the Solar System Music credit to Response Data by P C III is licensed under a Attribution License. Based on a work at Join us Facebook Instagram Subscribe us #Space_Navigation #techtubeinfo #DSN ||| Like 👍 ||| ||| Subscribe📲||| ||| Share🚀|||

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