fashion trends 2019 YOU NEED TO TRY! | Sejal Kumar

Episode Title: fashion trends 2019 YOU NEED TO TRY! | Sejal Kumar
Produced by: Sejal Kumar
Description: Hi Guys! It has been a while since I made a fun, super trendy fashion video! Seeing all those pearl "embellished" accessories trending inspired me to make this retro outfits look book (also I'm obsessed with this vintage style of videos!). These are very old and new at the same time. Just watch the video you'll understand :p Do SUBSCRIBE and like and comment and press the bell button if you enjoyed (long list i know!) NEW VIDEOS EVERY FRIDAY (and some midweek bonus videos too sometimes!) Outfit details. Outfit 1: Top: ZARA Jeans: Sarojini Nagar Clips: H&M Bag: ZARA Shoes: Sarojini Nagar Outfit 2: Top: ZARA Skirt: Japan Earrings: H&m Shoes: Sarojini Bag: ZARA Outfit 3; T-shirt: Sarojini Nagar Skirt: Japan Earrings: H&M Shoes: Sarojini Nagar Outfit 4 Top: ZARA Shorts: ZARA Blazer: ZARA Bag: ZARA Watch: Rubato Clips: ZARA Heels: H&M Outfit 5: Top: ZARA Pant: Custom Made Bag: ZARA Clips: ZARA Watch: Rubato Music: Cold Ice from Epidemic Sound (I got the subscription finally!) Talk to me! Instagram: Twitter: Facebook : See you soon kids❤️

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