टोकरी जैसा घर - Ohio's Famous Basket Building - TEF Ep 87 | FactTechz

Episode Title: टोकरी जैसा घर - Ohio's Famous Basket Building - TEF Ep 87
Produced by: FactTechz
Description: This video is sponsored by U-Dictionary. Download U-Dictionary: https://u-dictionary.onelink.me/FOYc/Facttechz Video Description: Have you ever seen Ohio's basket building? Did you know about London's Iceberg mansions built by the billionaires? Have you heard about the scientific next-in-line effect? Let's explore some scientific facts in the episode 87 of TEF (Top Enigmatic Facts). Follow Us: https://instagram.com/facttechz https://tiktok.com/@facttechz https://facebook.com/facttechz https://twitter.com/facttechz See you in the next enigmatic and scientific video full of knowledge.

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