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Episode Title: Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster | RBMK design flaw
Produced by: TechTube Info
Description: The Chernobyl nuclear disaster was caused by the RBMK design flaw that occurred on Saturday 26 April 1986, at the No. 4 reactor in the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. Please share your opinion on Chernobyl disaster in the comment box. Who was responsible for it? Design flaw or People. Follow us on social media to get science posts. (link below) Written by - Aditya Aman, Shubham, Hypernova Narrated by - Hypernova Video Tags 1. Nuclear Reaction and Controlling: 2. RBMK Reactor Design/Working: 3. Cause of explosion of Reactor No 4: Source of content and pictures Wikipedia, pixels, HyperPhysics, world nuclear, grabcad, Reddit,, Video credit to: Videos are used for education purpose. Chernobyl_ How RBMK 1000 works (original soviet explanation) Zero Hour: Disaster at Chernobyl Discovery Channel (2004) HBO's Chernobyl (2019) Nuclear Power Plant Safety Systems BWR nuclear power plant animation Top 5 Amazing Nuclear Reactor Startups Music Credit to: 1. LIMO Recording Studio 2. P C III - Response Data #ChernobylDisaster #RBMK #techtubeinfo Join us Facebook Instagram Subscribe us ||| Like 👍||| ||| Subscribe📲 ||| ||| Share🚀 |||

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