Got Myself A Tattoo For My Birthday! | Sejal Kumar

Episode Title: Got Myself A Tattoo For My Birthday! | Sejal Kumar
Produced by: Sejal Kumar
Description: Hey guys! Welcome to my birthday vlog! I am 26 years old what! Get ready with me for my new year's party\birthday party. We did a little picnic, I got dressed up, called some friends, made mulled wine, and had super fun! I cut the cake with my family, my sister Marvi came to meet me. We have been working on an exciting project. She helped me make hoodies and mask for my new original song Khali Khali. I got myself a second tattoo! I am getting a tattoo behind my neck. A very impulse decision I know haha! I wore a really cool and easy to go outfit. I got Eunoia tattooed, it means beautiful thinking and a well mind. I hope you guys enjoyed this vlog and I will see you all next time! :) My Original Song 'Aisi Hun': My Mom's channel 'MAITRI': Get my daily updates here: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook : See you soon! 🖤

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